I'm Yoshiki 👋🏼

Full-Stack Web Developer, Full-Stack Creative .


Let's keep it brief...

Let’s be real.
No one wants to read a long ass bio. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely trying to gage my skillsets and have a general idea of who I am. Well, let me make that easy for ya.

I am...

  • a webdeveloper.
  • a native English & Japanese speaker.
  • experienced in startups
    (ex-OYO, OTA Manager).
  • passionate about street photography as an artform.
  • a Seattle sports fanatic. #GoHawks

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My Tech Stack

Front End
  • html
  • css
  • JavaScript
Back End
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Heroku
  • PostgreSQL
Other Tools
  • Git
  • github
  • Figma

My Skillset

As a Full-Stack Web Developer, I am well versed on the A → Z processes of product creation, from UI/UX wireframing to server deployment.
What I enjoy the most however, is on the "front-end" of the web, where I can harness my creativity into building aesthetic and user friendly interfaces.

If I were to be asked which type of work I prefer, "programming" or "design", I wouldn't be able to provide an answer– I love them both. My ideal job would to be doing just that as well, both!

Aside from web development, I am an experienced Operation Manager within the E-Commerce field. Click here to know all about it.

Let's have a chat!

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My Projects



"I want to tell you about this cool bar I went the other day...uh...what was it called...hold on let me try to look it up...Ugh I can't find it, but I'll share it to you once I remember."

The above dialogue takes place more often than it should. Well, at least for me. The concept of creating this app was to assist people like me who have poor organization skills, to never forget those new and cool places, moreover make it super easy to access a directory of all of the places that you would want to remember, as lazily as possible–– with just a click of a button.

How it works

"Remember" takes your current geo location via GPS and passes the geocoordinates to the Google Places API to reverse geocode. The reverse geocoded data of the 5 locations nearest to the user is made selectable to save. The stored PlaceID and coordinates are then passed back to the Google API when the user wants to access their saved locations via Google Maps.

Care Bridge


This app was created with the idea of allowing seniors who don't like technology, but might need a little bit of help, to continue living on their own. A simple to use interface would be created for seniors while a caregiver would be able to add/subtract services while being able to manage what those services were capable of doing.

How it works

"Care Bridge" has two primary user journeys, one for the caretaker, and another for those who want to receive care (the elderly).
A caretaker has their own user login with a dashboard interface that allows them to configure all the setup requirements for the eldery. The elderly, has a much simpler UI in comparison– a simple, less than 6 button layout that provides them all the help they need to aid them through their day to day. Each "button" is tied to an API service, easily configurable through a caregiver admin account, enabling the elderly to order groceries, call their grandkids, or book a taxi from home all with a press of a button.

First slide



"LU" was a group project during my time at Le Wagon Tokyo. The concept of the app was to create an airbnb-esc, marketplace web-app.

We decided to have a bit of fun and worked on an app where you can host and rent toilets.

My role within this group project was leading Front End Development.